Application Guidelines


STEP 1: Parent submits a completed Student Application to the school.

Click here to download the Student Application form:

STEP 2: The school reviews the application. If an opening is available, an interview will be scheduled with the parents. If there is no opening, the parents will be notified by e‐mail, and the applicant will be placed on a waiting list.


STEP 3: Once a student has been accepted, the parents will be notified by e‐mail. The parents must then download, complete and submit the Family Information Form and pay the non‐refundable registration fee to secure the child’s place in the school.

STEP 4: Following payment of the registration fee, a tuition statement will be generated and e-mailed to the parents. Tuition and fees must be paid either in full or in part (according to the payment plan) before the child is allowed to attend classes.

No child can be officially enrolled until the registration fee has been paid.