Become a Financial Partner

Christian Schools in Spain (CSS) is the non-profit association responsible for starting LIFE International School. As a private entity, CSS receives no government funding, and tuition and fees do not yet cover the actual operation costs of a new school start-up. Therefore we seek partners and donors willing to invest into the vision and mission of Christian education in Spain.

All donations from North America are fully tax-deductable, and contributions to LIFE International School may be made through the mission agency “Resourcing Christian Education International” (RCE).

The investment toward one of our special project needs will strengthen LIFE’s ability to promote our vision and carry out our mission. Thank you in advance for your generous help!!

Special Project Needs

Classroom Set-Up Project

Every growing school needs books, furnishings, and technology! Donations designated for this cause will enhance LIFE’s ability to provide a stable and modern educational environment in which to offer school each day.

Spanish Teacher Apprenticeship Project

Many are praying for the expansion of Christian education throughout Spain! CSS wants LIFE to become a school not only to educate students, but to TRAIN TEACHERS and help resource them to start other Christian schools around Spain. Therefore, funds are needed to establish the internship program for Spanish teachers interested in learning more about the methodology and pedagogy of Christian education.

Student Scholarship Fund

LIFE offers partial scholarships to families evidencing financial need, especially for those families with multiple children enrolled. As student tuition assistance grows, so will our ability to help make a Christian education an affordable option for Spanish families.


How to Give:

Donations may be made through check, bank transfer, or by credit card. The button below will take you to RCE International’s secure donation page.