Educational philosophy

LIFE´s day to day classroom activities reflect our educational philosophy.   The teacher is a model and coach who comes alongside each student to stimulate the student’s desire and joy of learning.  We emphasize ten critical areas which you can read about below.  Our complete Educational Philosophy is available upon request.

Exploratory Learning

LIFE encourages curiosity and learning through hands-on activities, involving all five senses to explore, discover and learn about their world.

English Immersion

At LIFE, classes will be taught in English by teachers who are certified to teach non-English speaking students. Students of all levels of English proficiency will be provided with the needed language support to achieve success in content areas.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

LIFE encourages  children to analyze information for authenticity, to solve problems and navigate wisely in today’s information age.  An educational goal is for students to move towards higher levels of critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation.

Character Development

Research shows that character development is more important to a person´s success than academic achievement. LIFE promotes character development through direct instruction and through qualified teachers who are committed to modeling exemplary character.


The globalization of modern society requires emerging leaders to have excellent skills in communication.  Teamwork and collaborative learning are educational emphases at LIFE International School.

Individualized Support

LIFE recognizes that each student is unique and special. Class size will be small to accommodate needs for hands on learning, language support, and individualized support for special learning needs.


We believe that assessment is not a measure of the person, but of their learning. At LIFE, we strive to provide assessment in a way that is honoring to students and encourages continued learning while simultaneously informing parents of their child’s learning and development.

Health and Fitness

Students will learn that nutrition and exercise will lead to a healthy lifestyle that will improve their learning and ultimately their quality of life.


As students are challenged to care about the needs of others, they will learn the value and importance of contributing to their community. As they mature they will use these skills to be leaders who serve.

Biblical Integration

Every school´s educational philosophy is built upon core beliefs.  Such assumptions and beliefs either include God, or exclude Him.  At LIFE International school we include God and a biblical view towards creation, people and learning.