LIFE is under the legal covering of the Association of Christian Schools in Spain (CSS). The school is governed by a Policy-Governance School Board.

LIFE is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and ACSI has over 24,000 member schools worldwide. LIFE International School has been founded with accreditation standards in mind and will be pursuing accreditation once we are established. (We cannot be accredited in the first year of operation.)

No. We are an English language immersion school. Spanish will be spoken only as needed to help individual students adapt to the new school.  In later years, Spanish language, culture, and history will be taught as a separate part of the overall curriculum to prepare those students desiring to attend Spanish high schools or universities.

Yes.  LIFE International School will be established as a Foreign School in Spain.  As such, LIFE will have authorization from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (MEC) to operate in Spain.  Therefore, all transcripts and school records from LIFE can be validated under Spanish law.

In the early stages of child development, our philosophy is that children do not need more technology than they are receiving at home. Therefore, technology will be introduced when the child starts in the elementary school.

Short term:  We plan to rent a store front in Sector Foresta, 23 in Tres Cantos, to be used as a school, until such time as we can transition to our long term goal.

Long Term:  Our goal is to obtain land in the “Nueva Fase” of Tres Cantos and build a purpose-built school facility.

We believe that all forms of education and all educators have a particular perspective or worldview.  It may not always be obvious or overtly stated, but it will shape how things are understood and how things are communicated.  Education is not neutral; information is always presented from a particular lens or perspective which either includes or excludes God.  Christian education, therefore, invites students to see and understand the world through the perspective of God’s truth, the Bible.

No. LIFE is open to all children and families who value the educational model that we offer.  Neither parents nor students have to believe what we believe, but they must understand that LIFE is a Christian school and that Christian values and principles will be interwoven into communication and instruction.

Yes.  Parents are always welcome to visit your child’s busy classroom!  Parent participation and involvement is one of the primary keys to a successful education.  Also, we want parents to see and experience the culture of LIFE International School.  Parents may contact the school at any time to set an appointment.

It is our desire to work with parents to maximize what we can offer our students.  Parent volunteers play an important role in the life of the school.  If you would like to be involved, you are encouraged to discuss your interests and availability with the LIFE administration.