Our team

LIFE International School boasts of a highly qualified staff.  Our excellent teachers are specially certified to teach academics to students whose first language is not English.  All staff is certified in CPR and First Aid and have their food handling license in Spain.

Scot Musser

CSS President and Director of LIFE

Scot is the director of LIFE and the president of the Association of Christian Schools in Spain (CSS). He came to Spain in 1998 and began working at Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA) — an English-speaking American school near Alcalá de Henares. He served as a teacher, business administrator, and finally as the headmaster for 10 years. Scot has a Master in Education, a Master in Christian Education, and is currently completing his doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Marilyn Westergren

CSS Vice President and Board member

Marilyn Westergren and her husband Tim have lived in Tres Cantos for 21 years and are the founders of the Association Global Ventures and the directors of annual Global Ventures English Camp in Tres Cantos. Marilyn has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education a Master in Counseling.

Ursula Perdomo

CSS Secretary

Ursula grew up in Tres Cantos and attended the German School in Madrid (Colegio Alemán de Madrid). She studied in the United States and has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master in Education in Mathematics. She worked for 5 years teaching middle school math and science in Boston. She also has a Master in Education for English from Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid.

Penny Saunders

Curriculum Coordinator & ESL Director

Penny has worked internationally for more than 20 years in Russia, Albania and Spain — serving as an elementary teacher, ESL director, and teacher trainer. She is certified in TESOL, has a BA in Psychology, a B.Ed in Elementary Education, and a Master in Cross Cultural Ministries.

Carol Musser

Dietitian and Administrative Assistant

Carol was born in Ohio and has worked in a school setting in Spain since 1998, serving as a teacher, a class sponsor, and as co-coordinator of the school’s residence program. She is trained as a Registered Dietitian and is working with LIFE as an assistant to the administrative team.

Gonzalo Arrojo

Board member

Gonzalo is a Business Process Improvement Specialist with 16 years of experience in Project Management and Information Technology, combining both to help companies detect areas of weakness and create innovative solutions. He also coaches individual workers in becoming team players for the overall success of the company.

Victoria Voyles

Elementary Teacher

Victoria has a BA in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and Spanish, with additional certification in ESL, teaching English as a Second Language.  She has two years of experience teaching at the primary level.

Elena Afanasenko

Preschool Teacher

Elena has been an elementary teacher for 21 years. She has a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Educational Leadership and Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Linguistics. She has worked as a preschool principal and since 2005 she has been teaching at Hinkson Christian Academy, an American English speaking school in Moscow, Russia. Most recently she has been teaching there as a first grade teacher.

Miranda Silva

Teachers' Assistant

Miranda has been working with children for five years. Most recently she has taught in a preschool in the USA and has coordinated children’s programs for YMCA. She has been to Spain twice to volunteer at Global Ventures English Camp in Tres Cantos. Miranda has degrees in humanities and education and is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Education.

Ruthie Saxton

Teachers' Assistant

Ruthie Saxton has recently graduated from Northside Christian School in Columbus, Ohio.  She has played piano for 14 years and has given piano lessons for five years. Ruthie loves children and has been teaching and mentoring elementary and middle school children at both her school and church.

Marta Jiménez

Spanish History and Language Teacher

Marta has degrees in Theology and Primary Education from the University Complutense in Madrid.  She has worked as a primary school teacher since 2008, including 4 years teaching in a bilingual school in Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States.  She has more than 20 years of experience working with children in various contexts, including serving as a camp director and coordinator of humanitarian trips to Romania and India, serving in schools and orphanages.