Our Story

The vision for starting an international Christian school in Spain was birthed in the heart of Scot Musser in the fall of 2006. At that time Mr. Musser was the Headmaster of ECA, an English-speaking school located 35 km to the east of Madrid. While at an educational conference in Budapest he heard a member of the Romanian Parliament address the delegates and give public recognition and thanks to the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) for their role in helping develop Christian schools in Romania. Immediately the question burned in Mr. Musser’s heart, “Why not Spain?” At that time, ECA was the only ACSI school in Spain. He returned to Spain with a growing desire to see Christian schools made available for Spaniards.

As he prayed and sought wisdom on this burden of his heart, it became clear over the next years that God was directing Mr. Musser to devote full-time energy towards that cause. Therefore, in 2012 Mr. Musser resigned as the Headmaster of ECA, began his doctoral studies in education, and set his sights on developing a self-sustainable, reproducible, culturally relevant model of Christ-centered schools for Spaniards.

Therefore, in 2015, the Association Christian Schools in Spain (CSS) was started as the legal entity for the educational project. Soon more members joined the team to help with the planning and the work. Miss Saunders, an expert in English as a Second Language was the first to join the Advance Planning Team (APT). Over the next year the APT continued to grow as other educators and friends from Tres Cantos and Madrid also joined the team. Collectively, with over 50 years of experience in international education, they selected a name for the school and worked diligently to establish the core values, educational philosophy, mission and vision.

The name “LIFE” stems from the four core values of the educational project: L – love; I – Integrity; F – Faith; and E – Excellence (LIFE). Upon these values the educational philosophy was developed, and upon this philosophy the curriculum has been selected to help students grow in their development. LIFE’s purpose is to help students grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.

LIFE is a long-term educational project in Tres Cantos, Spain (just north of Madrid), designed to bring the very best education to children of this area.

 LIFE opened in 2017 offering preschool through Kindergarten (ages 3-5).  In 2018 first and second grades have been opened in the elementary, and LIFE will continue to add grades until the school offers a full range of education for students 3 – 18 years old.  In the near future LIFE will be moving into a purpose-built facility, designed to accommodate the long-term growth of the school.

If you are in the area, please know that our DOORS ARE ALWAYS OPEN TO VISITORS.  The best way to learn about LIFE is to come see us!!  Would you consider making an appointment to come and see the school?   It would be our pleasure to meet you and introduce you to the most unique schooling option in the area.

We realize there are many choices when it comes to the important responsibility of providing an excellent education for your child.  We trust that you will find resources and information on our website that will be helpful in making this important decision.   Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.