What Makes Us Unique


ENGLISH IMMERSION! – Qualified English speaking educators who are trained to teach in a multicultural and bilingual context.


HOLISTIC APPROACH! – Each child will be encouraged to develop their unique abilities and giftedness through critical thinking, character training, and guided exploration.


SUPPORTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT! – A positive, encouraging learning environment where teachers mentor their class with authenticity and love, valuing each child for who they are rather than what they accomplish.


CHRISTIAN VALUES! – LIFE core values are Love, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence. Biblical truths and values form a framework that shapes our curriculum, classroom management practices, and learning environment.


SMALL CLASS SIZE! – One teacher for every 15 students! An excellent student/teacher ratio that provides individualized instruction and support.


  • We promote standards of good and right. 
  • We act with integrity, self-control, and humility.
  • We base our relationships on love, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
  • We aspire to excellence and wisdom in the use of our abilities and talents.
  • We value the uniqueness of individuals and provide a nurturing environment.
  • We respect diversity and seek to live in harmony with others.