To excel as a Christian learning community.


To equip students with a quality holistic education that inspires excellence in academics, moral character, and service to others.

LIFE Core Values

We are loved by God. Therefore, we love others, and in doing so, build strong relationships, teach self-confidence, and create a community where everyone feels valued.

We believe that integrity manifests itself in principles such as morality, honesty, respect and upright character.  We desire to be models and examples in our speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity.

As a faith-based learning community, our teachers serve as mentors to their students, helping guide them in their understanding of the created world.  We seek to help our students grow in their understanding of faith as it relates to everyday life.

Excellence is a virtue to which we adhere.  We are committed to excellence in education, creating life-long learners, and developing responsible citizens.

If we don’t invest now in building character into children, we will surely invest more tomorrow in trying to repair adults. Michael Josephson