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Loving Your Neighbor: Being Welcomed as an American Family to LIFE

It’s hard to move abroad, let alone to move your family abroad. Hi! I’m Meg,…

New Year, Same School

Happy New Year! One of the first things that I learned when moving from America…

The 5 R’s This Christmas Season

Every week, Director of LIFE International School, Walter Hopkins, sends the school staff the following…

A Season of Gratitude: GivingTuesday

As we enter Thanksgiving week, an American holiday that expresses a time of gratitude with…

Spanish for all Students

LIFE International School is an International School with an American curriculum, servicing students from all…

Academic Excellence

At LIFE International School we believe that academic excellence can be found in a holistic…
Hands on

Why Music is so important?

Aristotle once said, “Music has the power of forming the character, and should therefore be…
Hands on

What is Hands on Learning?

Although I did not realize it, I was blessed to grow up with hands-on learning…
Parenting tips

OFFLINE Challenge

Ever since the world encountered this pandemic and we were confined to our homes…
Parenting tips

The importance of a healthy diet

A child who begins at a young age to eat a healthy diet will benefit…
Events at LIFE

Thanksgiving celebration

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving and we celebrated it at school. Anyone who knows American…

A matter of Science

During their study on matter and its properties, the third and fourth graders learned…