Grades 1-6

Our Curriculum

Core Subjects include English and Spanish Language and Literature, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, Bible Literacy and Values. The curriculum integrates Art, Music, and Physical Education. Apart from Spanish Language and Culture, all classes are 100% English immersion. Since learning is never in isolation, we have many cross-curricular units throughout the year. Excursions, special guests, presentations and technology help to bring learning alive.

Literacy is foundational to all other subjects. In these early years we want students to discover a love of reading, the joy of learning, and competency in reading, thinking and communicating with one another. Students will engage with a wide variety of authentic books that appeal to children’s intellectual curiosity and act as stimulants in learning.

“Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Finally, our belief is that the binding force in all learning is understanding that God and His Word is foundational for truth, morals and ethics. We believe that as students learn the lessons of the Bible they will learn to apply Christian values to every aspect of their lives.

Give your child the advantage of a LIFE education.