Secondary School

And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man. —Luke 2:52

Focus on Godly Character

At LIFE School, we partner with parents to lovingly guide their children and inspire them to reach their full potential.   As a Christian school we believe that these Expected Outcomes are best accomplished through the work of the Holy Spirit and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Students will be exposed to the teaching of God’s role in changing the character of people.

1. Wisdom

Cognitive Development from a God-centered perspective

At LIFE we aim for academic excellence through an innovative curriculum and teaching that meets the requirements of both the American and the Madrid-Spanish systems. However, as a Christian school we go beyond imparting knowledge to our students and thus are also devoted to Biblical integration in all subjects and aspects of our school. Our overarching goal is that students mature as curious, imaginative and flexible people well prepared to enter university and/or the adult work world. 

2. Stature

Physical health and wellness

Physical well-being impacts the whole person, leading to a more satisfying and successful life.  We train students to make lifestyle choices that promote health and a positive self-image.

3. Favor with God

Faith and Values

As a Christian school, we believe what the Bible teaches about God and eternal life. Therefore, we teach what the Bible says about life on earth and preparing for eternal life.  It is our desire that students know God and strive to be like Him. 

4. Favor with Man

Social Skills

We were created to be in relationship.  Healthy relationships require self-awareness, empathy, and strong communication skills. Faculty and staff of LIFE aim to model healthy relationships as they teach students to love and respect others in word and deed.

Give your child the advantage of a LIFE education.