Academic Program

A successful academic program needs to be engaging and inspiring. Exploratory learning is a method that fosters natural curiosity and establishes a firm foundation for a lifetime of learning. This is why at LIFE School, our teachers make the extra effort to create and prepare lessons that are engaging and uniquely memorable. Students are encouraged to pursue creative thinking and expression, delve deeper into topics, and develop an enthusiasm for learning that can unlock countless opportunities.


Pre-K & Kindergarten, ages 3-5

LIFE Preschool is an English immersion program. As each child is exposed to the English language in a variety of settings, they are encouraged and supported in their understanding and development. To begin reading and performing other academic tasks, a child must first gather meaning and develop an awareness of their world.



Grades 1-6

LIFE’s elementary teachers guide students to a foundational understanding of the world we live in and how people live together in this world. The goal is not just a mastery of facts but that students notice patterns and make connections in literacy, math, science and Christian values. Problem solving through analysis and reasoning skills are developed using hands-on activities. We engage students in a coherent and integrated program that responds to individual needs and multiple intelligences.


Secondary School

Grades 7-12

Each year at LIFE, we are committed to adding additional grade levels so that our students will be able to continue with LIFE School until they graduate.  We have established our end goals for our graduates to guide our decisions on programs, strategies, methodologies and curriculum.  We will measure the success of our school based on the competency of our students in the four areas of personal growth: cognitive, physical, faith and values, and social.