Academic Program

As a member school of ACSI we commit to offering an education that inspires our students to reach their full potential. Our objective is to utilize strategies and methodologies that produce students with the following characteristics:

  1. Students who are well prepared in all academic disciplines, and are skilled in reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking.
  2. Students who are proficient in the areas of mathematics and science.
  3. Students who have a knowledge and understanding about historical events and cultural movements of other peoples and nations.
  4. Students who appreciate literature and the arts, and understand how they express and influence our beliefs and values.
  5. Studentswho recognize the value of languages and cultures of other people groups and are able to counteract ethnic prejudices, promote interracial harmony and practice biblical hospitality toward foreigners.
  6. Students who utilize resources, including technology, in order to obtain, analyze and evaluate information.
  7. Students who are committed to lifelong learning.
  8. Students who have the skills to ask good questions, solve problems, and make wise decisions.
  9. Students who understand the value of every human life by virtue of having been created in the image and likeness of God.
  10. Students who can articulate a defense of the Christian worldview, and at the same time have a basic understanding of other worldviews.
  11. Students who understand, value and engage in social service activities to the community and appropriate civic (political) activities.
  12. Students who embrace and practice justice, mercy and peace-making in the family and society.
  13. Students who think carefully and have no reservations in participating in an open and honest exchange of ideas.
  14. Students who respect and relate appropriately with integrity to the people with whom they work, play and live.
  15. Students who show appreciation for nature and the environment, practicing a responsible stewardship of God’s creation.
  16. Students who are prepared to practice the moral principles of healthy, moral family living.
  17. Students who are good stewards of their finances, their time (including free time) and any other resources at their disposal.
  18. Students who understand the dignity of work as an expression of the nature of God.
  19. Students who know, understand and apply the Word of God.

LIFE Preschool is an English immersion program. As each child is exposed to the English language in a variety of settings, they are encouraged and supported in their understanding and development.  To begin reading and performing other academic tasks, a child must first gather meaning and develop an awareness of their world.

To gather meaning from his or her world, the child must have many satisfying sensory and motor experiences—touching, feeling, smelling, hearing, and seeing. A child interprets the sensory experiences which facilitates the development of the mind.

Each child participates in a variety of age-appropriate activities such as:

  • Working with paints, play dough, crayons, blocks, and other age appropriate manipulative materials.
  • Story time, poems, drama, and books.
  • Learning to share, take turns, plan, work, and play with others.
  • Learning to respond rhythmically to music through listening and singing.
  • Learning good health habits.
  • Activities for large muscle development like crawling, jumping, and running and climbing outside.
  • Time and room to explore, experiment, discover, play, and be a child.

We use a curriculum which is planned around themes with age appropriate learning centers and activities. Language development, math skills and exploring creation (science) is integrated with thematic story units. We use guided play, tactile centers, games, dramatic play, music, and art. Library resources supplement the curriculum and enhance a love for reading. Themes include character development such as sharing, cooperating, showing love, and extending forgiveness.

LIFE’s primary school teachers guide students to a foundational understanding of the world we live in and how people live together in this world.  The goal is not just a mastery of facts but that students notice patterns and make connections in literacy, math, science and Christian values.  Problem solving through analysis and reasoning skills are developed using hands on activities.   We engage students in a coherent and integrated program that responds to individual needs and multiple intelligences.

Literacy is foundational to all other subjects so in these early years we want children to discover a love of reading, the joy of learning, and competency in reading, thinking and communicating with one another.  Children will engage with a wide variety of authentic books that appeal to children’s intellectual curiosity and act as agents in learning.

Core Subjects include Language and Literature, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, Bible Literacy and Values.  The curriculum integrates Art, Music, and Physical Education. Apart from Spanish Language and Culture, all classes are 100% English immersion.  Since learning is never in isolation, we have many cross-curricular units throughout the year.  Excursions, special guests, presentations and technology help to bring learning alive.

Finally, our belief is that the binding force in all learning is understanding that God and His Word is foundational for truth, morals and ethics. We hope that as students learn the lessons of the Bible they will learn to apply Christian values to every aspect of their lives.