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Academic Program

A holistic education

A successful academic program should be both engaging and inspiring. Exploratory learning is a method that fosters natural curiosity and establishes a firm foundation for a lifetime of learning. Therefore, at LIFE School, our teachers make the extra effort to create and prepare lessons that are engaging and uniquely memorable. We encourage students to pursue creative thinking and expression, delve deeply into topics, and develop an enthusiasm for learning that can unlock countless opportunities.

Early Childhood

Pre-K & Kindergarten, ages 3-5

LIFE Preschool is an English immersion program. As each child is exposed to the English language in a variety of settings, they are encouraged and supported in their understanding and development To read and perform other academic tasks, a child must first gather meaning, acquire language, and develop an awareness of their world. To gather meaning from his or her world, a child must have many satisfying sensory and motor experiences‚ÄĒtouching, feeling, smelling, hearing, and seeing A child interprets the sensory experiences, and this cultivates the development of the mind.

Our Curriculum

LIFE follows a thematically planned curriculum, encouraging student growth via engaging and age learning centers and activities. Language development, math skills, and exploratory creation (science) are all integrated within thematic units.

We use guided play, tactile centers, games, dramatic play, music, and art. Library resources supplement the curriculum and enhance a love for reading.

Our curricular themes incorporate character development, addressing topics such as sharing, cooperating, showing love, and extending forgiveness.
Children take part in a variety of age-appropriate activities, such as:

  • Working with paint, play dough, crayons, blocks, and other age appropriate manipulative materials.
  • Story time, poems, drama, and books.
  • Learning to share, take turns, plan, work, and play with others.
  • Learning to respond rhythmically to music through listening and singing.
  • Learning good health habits.
  • Activities for large muscle development like crawling, jumping, running, and climbing outside.
  • Time and room to explore, experiment, discover, play, and be a child.


Grades 1-6

LIFE’s elementary teachers guide students to a foundational understanding of the world and how people live together in this world. The goal is not just mastering facts but also noticing patterns and making connections between academic subjects, biblical values, and the real world. Problem solving,analytical thinking, and reasoning skills are developed using hands-on activities. We engage students in a coherent program that responds to individual students’ strengths and needs.

Our Curriculum

Core Subjects include English, Spanish Language and Literature, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Studies, Bible Literacy, and Values. The curriculum integrates Art, Music, Technology, and Physical Education. Apart from Spanish Language and Culture, all classes are 100% English immersion. Since learning is never in isolation, we have cross-curricular units and projects throughout the year. Excursions, special guests, presentations, and technology help to bring learning alive.

Literacy is foundational to all other subjects. In these early years, we want students to discover a love of reading, the joy of learning, and competency in reading, thinking and communicating with one another. Students will engage with a wide variety of authentic books that appeal to children’s intellectual curiosity and stimulate their learning.

Finally, we believe that the binding force in all learning is understanding that God and His Word are foundational for truth, morals, and ethics. We believe that as students learn the lessons of the Bible, they will learn to apply Christian values to every aspect of their lives. We use DeepRoots Bible curriculum.

‚ÄúIntelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.‚ÄĚ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Secondary School

Grades 7-12

Our secondary school includes grades 7-10 for the next academic year. However, LIFE is committed to adding additional grade levels to ensure that students can stay until they graduate at the end of their 12th grade year.

Secondary Curriculum

LIFE is registered with the Spanish government as a foreign school in Spain and authorized by the Community of Madrid. Core subjects include English, Spanish Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Bible. Art, Music,Technology, French, Health, and Physical Education are also incorporated for a well rounded academic program. Apart from Spanish and French, all classes are 100% English immersion.

LIFE is registered with the Spanish government as a foreign school in Spain and authorized by the Community of Madrid (License 28078353). We are also fully accredited by the U.S. based Middle States Association (MSA) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Therefore, upon graduation, our students are eligible to receive diplomas recognized by both Spain and the United States.

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