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Ever since the world encountered this pandemic and we were confined to our homes in March of 2020, our lives have changed.  Of course our habits have also changed.  One of the significant changes that we have experienced is increased screen time.

Accordingly, whereas before we might have more or less been able to control our exposure to screens, now we find it impossible.  We depend more than ever on technology to communicate with family and friends, to work, to make purchases, and for much of our paperwork.  Nonetheless we can still decide what to do with our time!

We would like to propose a challenge to do as a family.  Would you like to know what this challenge is?  It is to give ourselves the opportunity to take some free time to disconnect from all technology.  The proposal is to not use any digital device nor access social media for a set time.  This includes the use of the cell phones (text messages or WhatsApp), tablets, laptops, smart watches,TV, etc.

What is the objective of this challenge?

  • Rest our mind and reduce stress.
  • Reconnect with God, family, friends, and even ourselves.
  • Demonstrate the love of God to others through our actions

Some recommendations to consider as you plan

  • Determine how long the challenge will last (ie., 3 hours? 5 hours? 8 hours? ect.)
  • Turn off and set aside all digital devices in your home. (If you do not see them, you will not need them.)
  • Choose from the following list the activities that you would like to do.¬† The family may choose together.
  • Share your plan with a friend, family member, teacher or coworker who can partner with you and help hold you accountable.
  • Do not trouble yourself to take pictures of the occasion.¬† You will¬†not have a phone or camera¬†during this time.¬† Simply disconnect, fully ENJOY and be conscious of what you are doing.
  • Once you¬†finish the challenge, share with your accountability¬†partner about your experience.¬† Discuss what you liked¬†the most and the least, or what was the most or least difficult part of the experience

What activities can you do offline?

What activities can you do offline?  We leave you here a list of activities that you can do alone or together as a family.  Choose from the list, or invent your own ideas.  Be creative; but most importantly ENJOY!

Original acrostic by International School of Panam√°