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March’s Reading Challenge last month at LIFE International School was something that both our 5th and 3rd grader enjoyed – reading books at home for prizes. And while getting the prizes after the challenge are fun, we made sure to remind our boys the real reason why reading at home is important: it’s a privilege. Regardless of where you live: Spain, the U.S. or other countries around the world, reading is a common pastime of all children. The gift of being able to read in your native language, and for some in a second language, is a skill that will benefit you for years.


We encourage our children to read at night to wind down before heading to bed and another school day comes. It’s an important night-time ritual that helps them call their mind, be creative and also connect with different genres that they may not have been exposed to if they didn’t read. I’m so glad that our boys were able to participate in last month’s Reading Challenge at LIFE as it reminded them of their love of reading. If you are an American family at LIFE, some of the resources that we have used to find English books for our children are both the Tres Cantos library and the American International Institute of Madrid (this is our favorite). For buying English books, our two favorite stores in Madrid are Casa del Libor and The Secret Kingdoms.

Keep encouraging your kids to read every day! It’s a gift that will keep on giving!

Meg James

HR and Marketing Coordinator, LIFE International School

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