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It’s hard to believe that it’s already spring break time (or Semana Santa as they say in Spain). This break time will lead us right into Easter, a celebration of Jesus’ sacrifice through His death on the cross for our sins. The flowers are blooming (hello, allergies!), the sun is shining and the weather is finally getting warm again – which brings a big smile to my face. I’ve always loved the Easter season: the pastel colors, the chocolate-covered eggs and the delicious meal of ham around the table with family.

While here in Spain for this Easter, I am pausing to remember what Easter means to me and my family. While we love the extra rest and travel opportunities that come with a school break ¬†(and extra sunlight hours!), we especially celebrate our faith in this season. It’s hard to believe that through Jesus’ sacrifices I am forgiven of my own sins, but it’s a truth that I will never take for granted. We have so much hope through this and regardless of the situations we may be facing, it’s so good to know that He is our hope and strength.

So while I celebrate all things Easter with my family, I remember Jesus and His significance in our lives. As Americans living in Spain for the first Easter season, I look forward to new traditions with my family here that will live in our hearts forever.


Megan James, Marketing Coordinator at LIFE


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