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As we enter Thanksgiving week, an American holiday that expresses a time of gratitude with family, we are so fortunate to have our LIFE family. Beyond the delicious food and watching football games on Thanksgiving in America, at its core the holiday is a day to reflect and have gratitude to God. Families and friends sit around the table and and share what they’re thankful for, sharing stories and anecdotes of the appreciation of big and little joys in life. Now, the staff, teachers, families, students and supporters represented here at LIFE International School have an opportunity to do the same. There are many ways to express gratitude. This week, our Staff Hospitality Committee is blessing staff with a small treat and note, thanking them for their hard and diligent work. A hug from a student can make a teacher’s a whole day complete. A simple “thank you” or “gracias” can truly move mountains.

Sometimes giving comes in the form of financial giving. This year, LIFE International School is participating in American campaign of GivingTuesday. On this one-day event, countries focus on the unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. We are calling upon our LIFE International School community and asking for you to partner alongside us to express your gratitude for this school.

More about the GivingTuesday campaign:

Our mission is to equip and inspire students academically, spiritually and socially, empowering them to become people of influence in their families, churches, communities and governments. With your help, we nurture future leaders. In our small classes of 12-15 students, each child gets the attention and care they need to grow strong in spirit and mind. Your contribution supports our dedicated missionary staff in teaching lessons that go beyond textbooks, embedding God’s values in every subject.

Our dreams are big, but our resources are limited. We urgently need a new building and a bus. The bus isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a promise ‚Äď a promise to bring every child to school, regardless of where they live, and to take them further in their educational and spiritual journey. Together, we’ll explore how your participation can contribute to positive change.

Through giving the gift of hope this GivingTuesday to LIFE International School, you are helping to make a difference, too. Through a donation of any amount laid on your heart, you are helping the heartfelt mission of LIFE International School.

LIFE stands for Love, Integrity, Faith and Excellence. Through offering a supportive learning environment and a holistic approach to education, we believe we are making a big impact in our community in Spain and beyond. Will you consider making a donation today to help us further that vision? Thank you in advance for considering how you can play a part on #GivingTuesday.

Please make all donations through this link.

Megan James – Marketing Coordinator at LIFE International School

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