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Every week, Director of LIFE International School, Walter Hopkins, sends the school staff the following reminder:

Don‚Äôt forget the five Rs (beyond reading, ‚Äėriting, and ‚Äėrithmetic). Pray that the Lord would guide us as we focus on these throughout the 2023-2024 school year.

‚óŹ ¬†Rejoice regularly.

‚óŹ ¬†Relationship before rigor and regulation

‚óŹ ¬†Refocus on distinctives

‚óŹ ¬†Restorative practices

‚óŹ ¬†Rhythms of rest and renewal

While these are great reminders to staff, they’re also applicable to our students and their families as well this Christmas season. These weeks are full of busyness: trimming the tree, buying presents, family commitments and planning special dinners. We can allow ourselves to get caught up in the mundane tasks of Christmas, yet miss the true reason for the season.

With the opportunity to have three weeks off during the transition to the new year, students and families are challenged to consider the five Rs and to incorporate them into daily life. Here are a few takeaways from Walter’s encouragement and how they can be applied to families during this busy season, too:


‚óŹ ¬†Rejoice: Don’t forget to stop and rejoice as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

‚óŹ ¬†Relationship before rigor and regulation: Know that the relationships that we’ve built with students and families are the priority of us here at LIFE International School.

‚óŹ ¬†Refocus on distinctives: Take time to refocus, prioritize and assess goals for the new year.

‚óŹ ¬†Restorative practices: Find a way to this break to find a new practice to introduce to your routine that will help you in the future.

‚óŹ ¬†Rhythms of rest and renewal: Don’t forget to rest. These weeks off are a gift to us of rest, so take them and savor the time to slow down your schedule.

We can’t wait to see all of the LIFE families again after break. LIFE International School is a family, and families are better together. Enjoy your time with your own families and we look forward to seeing you, rested and all, when you return to school in January.

Meg James, Marketing Coordinator, LIFE International School

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