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Happy New Year!

One of the first things that I learned when moving from America to Spain was that Spaniards love to wish you greetings of “a happy new year” well into the year and I like that! It has been a great start to the new year in 2024 at LIFE International School. They’re many exciting things on the horizon for the school and we have several opportunities ahead to look forward to this year. Join me as I share some of the exciting things happening at LIFE International School:

Early Education: Our littlest learners continue to be given hands-on learning activities to help with hand-eye coordination and creativity. After school, extracurriculars including Cooking Club and Godly Play have been keeping our kids engaged and busy.

Elementary Education:¬†Grades second through sixth have participated in more STEM-related activities, with an emphasis on technology and math. The third graders have been coding with Codey Rocky, a fun robot system that turns learning into play. We are excited about our partnership with ROBOTIX, the esteemed vendor of robotics programs in Spain. This is just piloting our programs offered to elementary students in the area of robotics and we’re excited for more to come. With the Student LIFE Committee focused on creating buddies and team cup challenges, our elementary students have time to spend with secondary students in fellowship. After school, elementary students have been practicing their singing in chorus, learning strategies to better play chess and learning to play the guitar.

Secondary Education: We are thrilled to be adding the National Honor Society as a way to recognize students exemplifying values. We are looking forward to honoring our excellent students in the area of academics in secondary school. We also have an exciting partnership with Houghton University, an American university, that is now offering a partnership with us for secondary students to continue their education. Through this partnership, our future eleventh and twelfth grade students, will be able to receive collegiate credits while being enrolled at LIFE International School.  After school extracurriculars have also been created to support aspiring writers and for those interested in learning the art of amigurumi.

There’s a lot to come and a lot to be grateful for here at LIFE International School this year. Wishing you a Happy New Year, with expectant hearts and believing this year will be a great one for the school and its families.

Meg James, Marketing Coordinator at LIFE International School

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